What you need to know before buying Velleman Set of 80 LED’s

If, like me, you have wondered what the ratio of LED’s was in the Velleman Set of 80 LED’s, then the video in this post should help you.

First I talk through the packaging and the details on the rear, which I could not find online before purchasing.

Later in the video I test each of the colour’s in the different sizes so you can get an idea of the brightness of the LED’s.

I also cover some of the future idea’s I have for videos, please let me know what you think.

[Edit – 2017-03-22] Velleman reached out to me on YouTube to let me know that they are working on their product page. If you are in North, Central or South America, you can visit the product page on the Velleman Store at https://www.vellemanstore.com/en/velleman-k-led1-assorted-led-set-80

You can recycle when building a model! Spark plug wires from trash

Little details like spark plug wires add a great deal of visual impact to a model. Here I show you an unlikely source of wires that you can use for spark plug wires on your model car build.

Many new electronic items have their cables wrapped with a binding wire. This wire is thin and quite pliable, making it easy to use for fiddly tasks such as spark plug wires on a scale plastic model car kit.

In this video I demonstrate how you can remove the inner wire from the sheathing, and show a few different wires to help you identify it in future.

Model building does not have to be an expensive hobby, you can enjoy yourself and have have detailing if you think out the box!

As you can see I am starting out making video’s, please like and subscribe if you enjoy what I do. Comments are always welcome.

Revell Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner Unboxing

I recently bought a kit from a local hobby shop here in Maia, Portugal. The Ford Skyliner caught my eye mainly because of the box art, it was just so different from the other car plastic model kits.

In the video I take it out the box and do a quick inspection of the parts included inside. I have yet to decide exactly how I am going to build it, but do have an idea on the colours to use, more on that later though.

I have built kits in the past, with varying degrees of success and decided to give it a try again.

With winter approaching here in Portugal and my family and I having settled into an apartment, my usual leisure pastimes just won’t be possible (woodworking, tinkering in a garage). I am hoping that this and other plastic model kits will be a good distraction over winter.

I hope to document the process as much as possible as I go, so check back!