What you need to know before buying Velleman Set of 80 LED’s

If, like me, you have wondered what the ratio of LED’s was in the Velleman Set of 80 LED’s, then the video in this post should help you.

First I talk through the packaging and the details on the rear, which I could not find online before purchasing.

Later in the video I test each of the colour’s in the different sizes so you can get an idea of the brightness of the LED’s.

I also cover some of the future idea’s I have for videos, please let me know what you think.

[Edit – 2017-03-22] Velleman reached out to me on YouTube to let me know that they are working on their product page. If you are in North, Central or South America, you can visit the product page on the Velleman Store at https://www.vellemanstore.com/en/velleman-k-led1-assorted-led-set-80