Revell Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner Unboxing

I recently bought a kit from a local hobby shop here in Maia, Portugal. The Ford Skyliner caught my eye mainly because of the box art, it was just so different from the other car plastic model kits.

In the video I take it out the box and do a quick inspection of the parts included inside. I have yet to decide exactly how I am going to build it, but do have an idea on the colours to use, more on that later though.

I have built kits in the past, with varying degrees of success and decided to give it a try again.

With winter approaching here in Portugal and my family and I having settled into an apartment, my usual leisure pastimes just won’t be possible (woodworking, tinkering in a garage). I am hoping that this and other plastic model kits will be a good distraction over winter.

I hope to document the process as much as possible as I go, so check back!